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Staying in Zeeland is choosing to be surrounded by peace, quiet and nature. For years, Zeeland has been a popular destination for group such as schools, church groups and sport associations. De Stoofpolder is a group accommodation in Zeeland, next to the picturesque village Bruinisse on Schouwen-Duiveland island and near to other beautiful locations such as Zierikzee, Renesse and Burgh-Haamstede.

Zeeland is the province of the sea. De Stoofpolder is also located mere meters from Grevelingenmeer lake, one of the cleanest lakes in western Europe, which is directly linked to the Oosterschelde. Surrounded by dikes, the group accommodation is an accessible location that is the perfect base for large groups to explore the area. The region is also highly popular with scuba diving associations and divers in general.

Our accommodation has a capacity up to 200 guests and can be used by multiple groups. The accommodation offers a complete set of facilities such as kitchens, dining halls, washrooms, and showers. The accommodation is entirely customisable: choose from bed & breakfast, hall board, full board or choose to arrange all of your group’s meals using your complete kitchen and dining hall.

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