Accommodation options

De Stoofpolder offers a variety of accommodation options. This includes accommodation only, bed and breakfast, half board and full board.

Accommodation only

When groups choose to stay based on accommodation only, the sleeping location will be provided. No meals are included. Groups may always make use of the kitchen(s) and dining hall(s) for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bed & breakfast

For groups who have chosen to include breakfast in their accommodation, a breakfast will be provided. Depending on the size of the group, the breakfast will be served in the accommodation dining hall or in the recreation hall.

Half board

De Stoofpolder can also be booked as half board. In this case, dinner will be provided in buffet form. Depending on the size of the group, the meals will be served in the building’s dining hall(s) or the recreation hall.

Full board

When full board is booked, all meals will be provided in addition to accommodation. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served at pre-determined times.