House rules

A number of house rules apply during your stay at de Stoofpolder. These house rules apply to the grounds and all related buildings during the entire length of your stay.

  • The accommodation must be kept clean and tidy.
  • Plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and refuse must be separated.
  • Refuse containers are available (behind ‘de Oester’)
  • Football is not permitted on the inner field, please use the recreation field.
  • Smoking is not permitted in the buildings.
  • Using pans from the kitchen to wake other guests in the morning is not permitted.
  • Each bed has a matrass and pillow, linens must be brought from home.
  • Tables and chairs must be returned to their original places upon departure.
  • Parking is permitted in the designated spaces next to ‘de Oester’ and behind ‘de Parel’
  • The entry and terrace must be kept free of vehicles for emergency vehicles such as the fire department or ambulance service.
  • Please do not use tape on doors or window frames.
  • There is free Wifi available in the whole accommodation.